Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of all of the frequently asked questions in order to help you with your big day.

Should you still have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

What is the maximum capacity of the venue?

100 - 110 guests.


If we are less than 100 guests, will the cost of the venue stay the same?


Unfortunately yes. Whether you are 10 guests or 110, you will have to hire the venue in complete. This is because The Hothouse is used as an actual greenhouse and all of the plants and equipment will have to be moved elsewhere in the instance of it being booked for a wedding. The 'Takboksaal' however can accommodate up to 40 guests and can be hired at a lower price. We have had instances where the 'Takboksaal' was hired for a function and the guests decided to move into The Hothouse without the permission of the owner. Please note that should this be the case we will send you an invoice for the remaining balance regarding the hire of The Hothouse as well as additional staff costs for cleaning and maintenance.


The Hothouse is situated approx. 25 km's from Dullstroom and we do not want our guests to drive far on the night of our wedding. Is there any additional accommodation available close by for our friends and family?


Yes, there are quite a few other guest farms in the surrounding area. We recommend that you book Glen Aden Guest Lodge as soon as possible for close family as the accommodation at African Leaves will only be enough for 16 family members and or close friends. There is also a wooden bush camp close by with facilities comparable to that of camping. Contact Dullstroom Accommodation as soon as possible for a list of neigbouring farms and accommodation in order to reserve enough rooms for your guests to sleep.


What exactly is included and not included in the venue cost?


As The Hothouse is a self-catering venue we do not supply any kind of catering and or vendor services. Please note that we do not allow any catering companies that have not worked in our kitchen before to do the catering of your event. We will supply you with a list of pre-approved caterers and sample menu's as soon as your booking has been secured.


Wooden tables (refer to image on the ABOUT page)

Chairs (refer to image on the ABOUT page)

Standard starter, dinner and dessert plates

Wine glasses


Wine barrels

Ice buckets

Bar - we will supply any and all bar service inside the venue. You will only be allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages for the pre-drinks and cannot be taken into the venue because of our license agreement. Should you like to bring your own wine or champagne into the venue it will be at a corkage fee of R30 per bottle. We will however send you an information sheet one month before your wedding to get your preferences in terms of alcoholic beverages as we go out of our way to stock the bar with your preferred choices of drinks.


Not included:


Waiters - we do not allow weddings without at least 5 trained and supervised waiters

Catering service

Table cloths





Tiffany chairs

Fire wood

DJ and sound equipment

Moving decor, chairs, etc. from one place to the next

Transport services as well as transport to/ from the ceremony location (e.g. the woods)

Any items needed for the ceremony or pre-drinks

Please discuss your ideas with Linél to see where and how the venue can be of assistance.


Can we have our ceremony in the woods?

Yes you can but the following will apply:

Transporting items to and from the site should be arranged with your décor rental company.

Any and all items needed for the ceremony will have to be hired in.

You will have to have a plan B in case of rain and will we not take any responsibility should the location have to be moved.

During the summer months the road to the woods might be quite wet due to unforseen heavy rains. Please make sure that you take this into account when deciding on the location as your guests will have to walk there.

When would be the best time of the year to get married at The Hothouse?


Although we will always regard the weather as unpredictable and not make any recommendations, we can give you tips and advice regarding the month in which you have hired the venue for your wedding.


Nov - Dec & Jan - Feb

Thunder showers might occur late afternoon, luckily usually during the formal ceremony. Make sure to have a plan B regarding your pre-drinks should you like to have them on the outside terrace.


March - April

Although it is not quite Winter yet, it can get quite chilly at about 6pm. We recommend that you move your guests into the The Hothouse at about this time and arrange for blankets for your older guests. Also, beware of decorating your flowers the night before as they might not be able to survive the cold temperature (depends on the type of flowers).


May - Aug

Dullstroom can get quite cold during the Winter months and sometimes even cause for some snow on the mountains. This does not mean that the venue is off limits and is perfect for a brunch/ lunch celebration as the morning sun will heat up The Hothouse to a delightful temperature.


Sept - Oct

Possibility of late afternoon thunder showers and wind.


We see nomadic tents on some of the pictures and know that it is not included. Can we bring our own?


The pictures that you see is from a wedding that was held at African Leaves before The Hothouse was built. With the Hothouse in place you will not need any additional tents. Should you, for example, like to set up a small tent for the pre-drinks in case of rain, it will have to be discussed with the owner of the venue. This is merely a precaution in order to maintain the environment at an acceptable standard for future guests and wedding parties.


We would like to get married at the venue. Where would the best place be to have the ceremony?


Although there are various areas for you to choose from, we recommend that you get married in the church in Dullstroom. The church is a historic and beautiful building and any photographer's dream. This also allows for extra time for you to take pictures in and around Dullstroom while the guests make their way back to the venue.

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